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The Finishing Touch

Posted on 07/24/2018 at 09:31 amViewed 1,278 times | 0 comments

teamwork leads to success Don Dickel knows that teamwork makes the difference in business, and Saco Design loves being part of Don's team. It's led to a new site for  Dickel Floor Supply , great social media channels for  Dickel Floor Supply  and Maine Wood Floors , a strong email marketing campaign , and a host of other marketing...

Another Reason to Smile

Posted on 05/30/2018 at 03:15 pmViewed 1,463 times | 0 comments

a new enterprise demands a new website Dr. Kevin Granger has opened a new practice with Dr. Marshone Clark, and they needed to let western Maryland know. Dr. Granger has had a long history with Saco Design so it was a natural choice to come to us.  Enterprise Dental Care  is up and running and getting people into the chair for teeth cleanings...

Knowledge is Power!

Posted on 05/30/2018 at 02:41 pmViewed 1,313 times | 0 comments

winterport library's new site is open! The Winterport Memorial Library is a community treasure, providing a variety of informational services to the town of Winterport. Saco Design put together a site that showcases how the library brings information into the community. The Community Gets Information Wherever They Are With Saco Design's Site...

IAS Does Great Work, And So Do We

Posted on 04/25/2018 at 10:40 amViewed 1,570 times | 0 comments

a new panel shop is open! Industrial Automation Supply (IAS) and Saco Design have been working together for years. When IAS saw an opportunity to open a panel shop to create high quality industrial control panels to help their customers, they came to Saco Design to get a site that would show off their products. And we delivered! any device,...

Saco Design Launches Gamage Shipyard

Posted on 04/05/2018 at 12:14 pmViewed 1,567 times | 0 comments

Extraordinary work, outstanding site When you perform high quality work like  Gamage Shipyard , you want to make sure it comes across on the web on all platforms. Saco Design created a site that does just that. With a breathtaking venue like The Gut in South Bristol, Maine, we knew we had the perfect background for the site. The hero images...

Ecocor: A New Method Gets a New Website

Posted on 03/22/2018 at 01:34 pmViewed 1,445 times | 0 comments

quality matters to ecocor For the latest update to the Ecocor-family of websites, Saco Design wanted to match the quality and precision of the work performed by Ecocor. We built a site replete with beautiful images and a stunning design to make for a museum quality user experience. The new site also saves site visitors time because of the...

Get Traffic. Get Leads. Faster.

Posted on 03/21/2018 at 08:59 amViewed 1,226 times | 0 comments

W.C. Tripp's site is  fast! W.C. Tripp's feller-buncher is an amazing piece of equipment that does it's job quickly and efficiently. We think we've got it beat, though. W.C. Tripp's new site is faster than  90% of sites on the web, according to Google has  made it clear  that site speed is an important part of their...

Dickel Floor Supply: A New Business With a New Site

Posted on 03/01/2018 at 11:15 amViewed 1,594 times | 0 comments

flooring is art. so is their site. Dickel Floor Supply is a new creation from Dickel Floor Corporation. A new warehouse. A new showroom. More stock. How do you do all this on an old website? You don't. We worked with Dickel Floor Corp to create a virtual showcase that will let a customer pick their flooring with all the experience of Don Dickel...

Nelson Rarities - Artistic Jewelry Needs an Artistic Website

Posted on 03/01/2018 at 09:34 amViewed 1,270 times | 0 comments

Simple. clean.  When you're showcasing jewelry this beautiful, you don't want anything detracting from the art. Saco Design took this into account and produced a simple design that lets the jewelry shine. Open white spaces with vibrant colors provided by the jewelry and little else. responsive design It doesn't matter what you're selling, you...

St. Laurent & Son Gets a New Look for the New Year!

Posted on 02/28/2018 at 09:20 amViewed 1,365 times | 0 comments

saco design lays the groundwork for a better online presence St. Laurent & Son knows a lot about groundwork. They can do whatever needs to be done to prep your building pad, install sewer lines, repair water lines, etc. When it comes to building the good foundation for their online presence though, they trust Saco Design. With a new site fully...

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